The site is a very popular place to check internet speed but it requires that your operating system has a browser. If you want to check your internet speed using the command line especially if your system does not have a browser, you can do as follows:

Step 1: Configure installer repository and download speedtest CLI

For Debian or Ubuntu

curl -s | sudo bash
apt-get -y install speedtest

For Fedora, RHEL or AlmaLinux

sudo dnf -y install python python3
wget -O /usr/bin/speedtest
chmod +x /usr/bin/speedtest

Step 2: Now check your internet connection with the following command in the terminal:


You might be asked to accept a license agreement for the first time, so just press ‘y’ and enter to continue.

If the scan is completed you might see the following output in the screenshot:

speedtest result sample

If you notice at the end of the script output above, the speedtest CLI has generated a Result URL in which if you paste that URL in a browser you will see the following speedtest similar result like when you test it via a browser:

Result URL generated by speedtest CLI

There are many more options that are available for speedtest CLI. In order to see them execute the following in the terminal:

speedtest --help

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