Running ./build pigz will install pigz to: /usr/local/bin/pigz but some prefer to manage pigz/unpigz with the system’s package manager, eg: yum install pigz This change will let you enable it in the directadmin.conf: ./directadmin set pigz 4 just as before (where 4 is the number of threads you want.. usually as high as the number of cores you have) But if /usr/local/bin/pigz is missing, DA will hunt for: /usr/bin/pigz /usr/bin/unpigz and automatically internally store them into the pigz_bin and unpigz_bin settings. —— If your pigz and unpigz binaries live somewhere else you can tell DA to use that instead: ./directadmin set pigz_bin /some/other/path/pigz ./directadmin set unpigz_bin /some/other/path/unpigz service directadmin restart

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